Infonet Is The Right Choice For Candidates

Here's Why Infonet Is The Right Choice:


Aggressive Rates

Infonet passes along 80-85% of the bill rate to our contractors. Our experience is that if you're well paid, you tend to finish the engagement you've started. We'll even provide you with a rate breakdown showing you how much the client is paying and how much you'll be receiving.

No Non-Compete Language

Never! We believe that if we're doing our best to pay you well and take care of your contracting needs, you'll always want to work with us. We also believe that if someone isn't happy with their agency, a non-compete agreement doesn't make things better.

No Conversion Restrictions

Infonet NEVER restricts our candidates from accepting a fulltime position with our clients. Our contracts allow you to convert whenever you like - and we never charge the client a conversion fee.


Absolutely! We'll give you a rate breakdown showing you how every dollar gets allocated from the client bill rate to your paycheck. Our contractors love this!

Fast Payments

Infonet's payroll cycle is semi-monthly. Whether you're working with us on a W2, 1099 or Corp-to-Corp basis, you're eligible for direct deposit. Unless, of course, you prefer having your check mailed and waiting in line at the bank. It's your choice...

Referral Fees

Infonet pays up to $1,000 for referrals 30 days after a referral starts an engagement. There are a few obvious exceptions. For example, you can't be part of the hiring process (i.e. interviewer, hiring manager). The fee comes out of our profits, not the candidate's pay.

Your Approval Required

Infonet will never submit your resume to a client without your approval. We'll make sure you understand the job description, pay rate and logistics prior to submission.


Infonet will never contact your current employer unless required by our client and with your approval. We're very serious about the trust you place in us.

Resume Help

If we decide to work together on a job opportunity, Infonet will revise your resume in a manner we know produces results. It's so effective, most candidates use our format going forward.

Infonet Consulting Group Candidate

Are you looking for work in any of the following areas?

  • Project Managers / Admins
  • Business Analysts
  • QA Analysts
  • Software Engineers (Java/.NET)
  • Database Admins
  • Data Warehousing
  • Network Admins/Engineers
  • IT Security & Compliance
  • IT Managers
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